Visual Artist Educator

Rosi Maria Di Meglio artistic practice developed later in life while still raising six children; her practice began as a research project into my own identity as a person and artist, born from immigrant parents. Her artist practice explores the relationship between space, color, and memory.                                                                                                                        

Di Meglio’s artistic process begins with a captured experience by photography. She then relives that experience while sketching it directly onto the canvas, choosing to preserve parts of the image and discard others to create the initial composition.

Di Meglio considers color to identify with the constant push and pull, and the struggle of everyday life. Di Meglio uses colour as language to express herself, she believes that colour represents life in all moments of our lives.

Through the layering process Di Meglio observes characters and forms rise to the surface, which echo the life experience she is referencing. For Di Meglio, the creation and painting process allows her to have a dialogue with her work, and at times a small love affair with parts of the process.

When the dialogue is contained within the frame of the work, she knows the works is complete; it then becomes a gift for the viewer to experience.

Rosi Maria Di Meglio was born in Vancouver, BC. She currently lives and works in Montreal, Quebec. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Double Major in Painting & Drawing and Art Education at Concordia University.  

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  1. Hello , I heard about you from professor Norman Cornett. (Excuse my english, it’s not very well). I’m an artist and Ieave in Ahuntsic , not far from your place on Chabanel Street. So, I would l’île to know if it’ s possible to visit your exposition … So, let me know if it’ s possible. At what time? Thank you.
    France Simoneau, frsimono@hotmail.ca


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